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Avery Dennison expands NFC Inlay line with EM Micro IC

Avery Dennison expands NFC Inlay line with EM Micro IC


Avery Dennison Smartrac has expanded its NFC product line through Circus Pro and Circus Pro Flex NFC Inlay, including EM Microelectronic's EM|linq (EM4332) chip. These new product portfolios are conducive to providing brand protection solutions with encrypted digital birth records of packaged products, as well as reliable product identity verification services and platform-independent consumer participation functions to satisfy consumers in packaging goods, food and beverages, Clothing and beauty market demand.

The company reports that the em|linq chip enhances the security provided by the Circus Pro series of encryption functions. NFC Type 2 compatible IC-compatible encryption hardware uses dynamically generated HMAC-SHA1 codes to be attached to URLs stored in NDEF to provide Web authentication brand protection for consumers' smartphones. The company explained that this allows a security tag to have a built-in product authentication function, as well as one-on-one consumer participation.

Hal Hikita, director of product management at Avery Dennison Smartrac, said in a prepared statement: "NFC Inlay and NFC tags have become very popular, which is an influential consumer experience for using ubiquitous smartphones anytime, anywhere. It’s very important.” “We have added a new em|linq function to the Circus Pro product line. Through the secure product authentication function, it prevents the cloning and forgery of exclusive dynamic content, which greatly increases the value of NFC and develops New powerful features to attract consumers."

Christophe Ratajczak, EM Microelectronic's Intelligent Systems Business Unit Manager, added in the prepared statement: "EM is very pleased to support Avery Dennison Smartrac's solution with Swiss engineering technology. We believe that this partnership will fully explore NFC-based products. The market potential behind the certification."

Inlay complies with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards, ensuring reliable products that can meet various application requirements. These products are provided in the form of wet Inlay, with encryption algorithms and optional memory options; they are suitable for all devices that support NFC, and support real-time tagging and message verification.

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